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  About Vacation Rentals

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Why Holiday Villas?

Holiday villas make you comfortable as your own home and give you to freedom to do anything you want. Unlike hotel, you don't have any time schedule for anything and you are free to do what you want to do when you want to do! You will enjoy your holiday at our luxury villas in a relaxing, peaceful, homelike enviroment.

What is the difference between hotels and holiday villas?

You can enjoy your holiday without the restriction you normally have to follow if you were staying in a hotel. At the vacation rentals every furniture and equipment you may need will be already waiting for you. Only thing you need to do is, like going to holiday in a hotel, just get your bag and you are done. There won't be any battles for the sunbeds or umbrellas. There won't be any fixed time for breakfasts and meals so you have the all the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want.

Does it comes cheaper than other holday types?

Renting a holday villa is cheaper than people think. As the number of people staying increases, the cost per person decreases. Vacation rentals usually has at least 3 bedrooms and it can has as much bedroom 6 - 7. For example if you rented a 6 bedroom villa with 12 sleep capacity and price of 1000GBP. It comes with the price of 1000/7 nights = 142GBP Daily / 12 people = 12GBP per people.

Where are the most popular destinations for vacation rentals?

The Kalkan, a town of Antalya, is the most popular location for renting a holday villa. Most of the vacation rental tourism goes through Kalkan in Turkey. The main reason for this is the geographical advantage of Kalkan. Kalkan sits at the hearth of lots of natural beauties and historical, ancient landmarks. (Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Saklıkent, Kaş, Kekova etc…) Shaped like a crescent, almost every villa in Kalkan enjoys a fabulous Mediterrnean view. We are happy to welcome you to these homes which most of them has the value of the millions of pounds. Because of the reasons said above our company located in Kas / Kalkan and it allows us to give you help with anything you need anytime you need.

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