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Full refund minus the deposit before 30 days of check-in date

Since there is a huge difference between villa rental business and other turism business, cancellation policies more stronger than others. Most villas accomodate 10-15 customer families a year. when your booking confirm with a place, the place is reserved for you and if you decide to come, depending on the the season, there is little chance for that villa to find customers for that dates again, and bacause of this villa owners requested from us this policy.

You can reach the cacellation policy for eache villa under its rules section

This cancellation policies are made to inform and to protect both our customers and the villa owners


The customer is reserves the right to cancel the booking in 24 for hours without a reason. The amount paid by the customer will be refunded without any fee. (The time deposit is sent is start time for this process)

If the customers cancel the booking before 30 days, all the amount except the deposit is refunded.

Between 30 days and 14 days of check-in if you cancel your booking, if you only paid the deposit and didn't paid the rest of it yet, 50% of the amoun't you didn't paid collected from customers as cancellation fee.

If there is less then 14 days before check-in all the amount the customer didn't paid yet collected as cancellation fee.

If the customer made resarvation by paying the deposit and cancel the booking, in the situations requesting payment, it aggrees to pay the rest of the amount as well.

If there is a cleaning fee for the villa it can't be requested from the customers in the events of cancellations.

The deposit paid for making the booking is not refunded in the event of a cancellation.

If there is a complaint by customer or the villa owner, it should be delivered to Kalkan Villas by mail in 24 hours.

If the customer decide to leave before the time booked ends, the amount paid is not refunded.
In the events of disagreement between customer and the home owner, Kalkan Villas reserve the right to decide for them.

The booking is not cancelled until you recieve cancellation approval e-mail. If the customer didn't recieve the cancellation approval e-mail, they should contact Kalkan Villas immedietly.

Cancellation by Kalkan Villas ;

At the times of unforseen events (Serious problems about the property, regional water or electricity shut downs, earthqakes and natural disasters), Kalkan Villas reserves the right to cancel the booking. In the such events Kalkan Villas is required to pay the whole amount paid by the customer to back to them. Kalkan VIllas tries to provide another alternative for the customer the best way we can and if the customer doesn't like the alternative it reserves the right to request the full refund.

Changind the dates booked;

The customer has the right to change the dates booked but it's bound by certain rules. If the Kalkan Villas delivers the cancellation request to villa owner and recieves an approval, the Kalkan Villas will make the change. The final decision belong to the villa owners. Kalkan Villas reserves the right to request 50TL for the change as it will require lots of paper to be wasted.

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