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You can find frequently asked questions about our website and vacation rentals business.

How many nights can i stay for minimum ?

You can rent your holiday villa for minimum for nights specified in the villas details page. Shorter durations depends on the availbility of the villa during requested dates. The owner of the villa mights agree to a shorter duration when at the high season or requested dates fill a empty slot on the villas calendar.

Whats included in the price ?

The amounts specified in the villas details page covers only accomodation charges. Our firm does not charges for anything other than villa accomodation. Addtional fees will be indicated if they exist. Except the damage deposit, no additinal charges are made at the most of our villas.

What is damage deposit ?

The damage deposit is the amount requested by the villa owner or the person in charge for damages may be done to any equipment of the villa. Entire amount will be refunded provided villa left damage free. In the event of no damage deposit requested, any dames done by your party will be billed to you. Some villa owners might refund this amount by bank transfer after the stay. These damage deposits have no link to our firm and requested by villa owners.
In the event of refunded deposit and newly discovered damages villa owner may request addtional amount from you. The refund of the damage deposit does not mean the owner forgave all of the rights.

When can we check-in and check-out ?

The check-in and check-out times are specified by the villa owners at the villas details page. The time between check-outs and check-ins are requrired for the housekeeping. These time can be chnaged provided the owner of the villa agrees and does not conflict with other people. Check-ins mights be delayed for few hours. (Power failure etc.) As the villa gets cleaed for you in the meantime, please be flexible for a few hours. Check-in times does not affect check-out times in any way. For example you can't say: "I checked-in at 15:00, i will check-out at 15:00"

What does "Sleeps" mean ?

The number given by the sleeps attribute is the maximum number of people a villa will be able to accomodate. The features of the entire property is set for that many people. The babies aged 3 or under can be excluded from the number of people in the party. The cildren aged 3 or more will be included in the number of people in the party. You might request a cot from the villa owner for a charge or for free depending on the villa.

How the distances are calculated ?

The distances given in the villa detail page are estimates and only given to inform the customer. The exact location of the villa is marked on the detail page and can be used to measure the ditances on the map.
The distance given by the name "Distance to the sea" is usualy the villa's distance to the nearest shore. In Turkey the shores are legally allowed to used by everyone. Altough it may not be clean as the paid beaches.
The shops in Kalkan are usually open until midnight but most of them are closed off season.

Do you allow pets ?

The villas that allows pets can be found under the category "Pets Allowed" The owners may request additional deposit from you. The owner has the right to demand fee for any damage made by your pets.

Are these villas insured ?

Insurances are are entirely under the owners control. Even the villa is insured, damages to the belongings of the staying party is not covered. Because of these we recommend to get your holiday insurances before going to holiday.

How can i make a booking ?

At the villa detail page enter your requested dates and number of people in your party first. After that click on "BOOKING REQUEEST" and enter the details of your booking, how do you want to pay after the approval etc.

My booking request approved. How can i make the payment for it ?

You can make your payment by clicking the make payment button from the email you recived from us after the approval or you can enter the booking id number to the "PAY WITH CREDIT CARD" feature in our website. Also you can check and verify your booking from the "MY BOOKING" page.

Where can i make an enqiry before reqesting a booking ?

You can ask any questions you want from the "Quick Enquiry Form" from villa' detail page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How will i found the holiday villa that i booked and who will handle over the villa key to me ?

After the booking is made you can ask the villa owner anything you want.When you arrive to Kalkan, We wil escort you to villa and hand over the key to you. You can check up the exact location of the vacation rental from it's details page.

What should i do if something needs fixing in the holiday villa ?

The vacation rentals are checked before every check-in by the villa owners or the caretakers. But sometimes, some stuff might need fixing (power cuts, water cuts, overusage etc.) Please DO NOT try to fix or use it anyway. You are amenable to contact us and villa owner has to step in 24 hours legally. The problem might take longer to fix than 24 hours because of the high volume of people and business of the IT people in the season. Please be patient and understanding when there is nothing the villa owner can do as well. Most of the problems that can occur are power cuts, water cuts, air conditioner malfunctions, tv-sattellite malfunctions.

Does villa owner has right to evict us from the villa ?

In the event of illegal material let in the holiday villa or an illegal activity performed, the booking cotract get automatically terminated and the owner get the right to evict the customer from the accomodation. It' prohibited to disturb the neighborhood by making too much noise. The complaints made by neighborhood residents will be taken as a reason to evict the customer. First a warning will be given to the customer, if the problem still persist, the vacation rental owner gets the right to evict the customer. If you think there will be noise anyway because of the number of children, you can select a holiday villa out from the town center where there is less people around.

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