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The best way of holiday "Vacation Rentals"

Kiralik Villada Tatil (parent company of Kalkan Villas) helping it’s customers to find and book holiday villas for the last 5 years. Leader in it’s field, The Kiralik Villada Tatil will assist you with everything about your Kalkan holiday. Kiralik Villada Tatil is located in Kalkan with lots of options and choices about holiday villas.

Why holiday villas and vacation rentals ?

Vacation rentals gives you the freedom to do anything you want whenever you want without being bound to forced time schedules. You can spend your holiday in a homelike comfortable accommodation with all the freedom in the world unlike hotels. You will feel much better and full of positive energy at the end of your holiday at a luxury villa with beatiful views and it’s own private swimming pool. Also you can choose to stay in one of our “Secluded Villas”, and they will provide flawless privacy for you. Also you can plan a perfect honeymoon in one of our “Honeymoon Villas”.

What is the difference between spending your holiday in a hotel and a holiday villa ?

To really get rested without all the rules and time schedules to obey, you should choose a villa holiday. At your vacation rental you can find any tool or kitchenware you may need. Only thing left for you is, pack your bags and have a perfect holiday with your loved ones. You won’t have to get up early to get a sunbed and you will be free to do anything you want. You will enjoy an entire swimming pool all to yourself. You will have freedom to eat anything you want anywhere you want without forced schedules given by a hotel. 

Is renting a holiday villa good value for money?

The vacation rentals are actually comes cheaper than alternatives. More people coming means the villa gets cheaper. Holiday villas usually have at least 3 bedrooms and can have as much as 6 – 7 bedrooms. And because of this you can rent the same holiday villa 6 to 14 people. For example, if you rent a villa with 6 bedrooms (Sleeps 12) with the weekly rate of £1000,  1000 / 7 nights = £143 per night / 12 people = £12 which is cheaper than the cheapest pension.

Why is KALKAN our main destination ?

Connected to Antalya, Kas, Kalkan is the most popular place for holiday villas. At least 50% percent of the total volume of the people about this holiday type goes through Kalkan. The most basic reason for this is the geographical advantage of Kalkan. In other words, Kalkan, is a “Holiday Villa” paradise. At the heart of the Lycian civilization, Kalkan is in a very close location to the lots of historical and natural beauties (Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, Saklıkent, Kaş, Kekova etc…) . You will enjoy a perfect mediterenian view for your entire stay because of the crescent shape of the hills at almost every holiday villa in Kalkan. Because of the reasons above we are located in Kalkan so we can provide support if required in no time. 

BEWARE of scammers !!!

Please be careful as more and more news appear every day about scammed people from owners direct and holiday lettings. You can read about things to pay attention by clicking here.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or want to ask a question please send an Enquiry us. We will promptly respond to you as soon possible.

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